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EMF Protection (EMF device)

EMF Protection

How Structured Water Can Help to Reduce EMF Radiation

In our increasingly fast-paced world, we often forget to consider the effects that technology can have on our bodies. Although our lives may be easier thanks to the influence and convenience of technology than it was even a hundred years ago, it is also undoubtedly clear that the same technology has had an impact on our overall health.

There are several health conditions that seem to be more prevalent now than ever before such as brain cancer, glioblastomas, leukemia, and breast cancers. Additionally, many people frequently report a decline in sleep quality, an increase in insomnia, and reduced energy levels when they frequently interact with computers and cell phones.

It is believed that many of these negative effects can be traced back to Electric and Magnetic Fields, or EMF radiation. EMF energies are a type of radiation to which we are exposed on a daily basis from our cell phones, smart devices, tablets, and WiFi signals.

Although research is still being done to determine the exact damage that EMF radiation can cause, it’s a safe bet that we should try to mitigate our exposure to them as much as possible.

Our Somavedic Sky was developed to help mitigate the effects of 3G, 4G, 5G, and EMF signals as well as the production of free radicals in the body up to 100ft. It also helps to reduce the influence of geopathic zones which have been shown to have a negative impact on humans by causing a form of permanent stress.

What Is EMF?

Electric and magnetic fields, more commonly referred to as EMF, are a form of background radiation energy that is commonly found in electrical devices. There are two types of EMF radiation, non-ionizing, and ionizing.

Non-Ionizing EMF Radiation

Non-ionizing EMF radiation is considered “low-level” radiation that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Until recently it was believed that this type of radiation was harmless to humans, but as more research is performed it is becoming increasingly clear that it may be doing significantly more damage than originally believed.

Some examples of Non-Ionizing EMF radiation include:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • WiFi networks
  • Cell phones – particularly smartphones
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Power lines
  • MRI machines

Of these, the smartphones that most people use daily are the most frequently linked as the potential cause for the increase in brain cancer in recent years, particularly glioblastoma.

Ionizing EMF Radiation

Ionizing EMF radiation is a source of high-level radiation that has been definitely identified as a source of cellular and DNA damage at the molecular level. Prolonged exposure causes this damage to worsen, but it can also be caused by consistent short-term exposures over a period of time.

This type of radiation is found in:

  • Sunlight
  • Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays)
  • X-Rays
  • Gamma Rays

Because we know that the damage caused by Ionizing EMF radiation is irreversible and extremely damaging, people are frequently told to avoid sun exposure, avoid tanning salons, and wear lead vests when having X-Rays done to mitigate exposure.

It’s important to remember that none of those things were considered significantly harmful even 50 years ago. Because of the prevalence of sunbathing and tanning salon use, more than 419,000 people still develop skin cancer every year even though the risks are well known.

As more research is performed on Non-Ionizing EMF radiation, it is very likely that the dangers will become more acknowledged and accepted.

This is why we created the Somavedic Harmony as a portable EMF mitigating device that you can use in your home or take with you to your office, on vacations, or even in the car with you! It helps mitigate 3G and 4G energies as well as the harmful effects of geopathic zones while increasing energy and concentration while driving.

The Effects of EMF on Our Bodies

There is disagreement in the scientific field on the exact effects that EMF radiation has on our bodies, however, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) definitively listed them as possibly carcinogenic to humans back in 2011.

One study found that long-term exposure to EMPs, or short burst of electromagnetic energy, negatively affects the cognitive function of rats and led to damage to the hippocampus. This in turn was posited to have a similar pathology to Alzheimer’s Disease, suggesting that there may be a link.

A review of two dozen studies showed evidence that prolonged EMF radiation caused psychiatric and neurological abnormalities in humans including:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Insomnia
  • Severe and persistent headaches
  • Depression and depressive symptoms
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Attention and concentration difficulty
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Body weight fluctuations

Is EMF Exposure Common?

Because of how increasingly technologically reliant our society has become, EMF exposure is now more common than ever before. We are exposed to it daily by using our cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and even microwaves.

This exposure has increased exponentially in the past few years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden work-from-home restrictions. People are now spending the majority of their days in front of computer screens typically right next to their WI-Fi routers.

Reducing EMF Exposure

There are some things that you can do immediately in your home to reduce your constant exposure to EMF energies. These include:

  • Move Wi-Fi routers, router extenders, and cordless phone bases a minimum of 15-20 feet away from your workstation – farther if possible.
  • Reduce the power output on your Wi-Fi router. These are often set to maximum output which is unnecessary as it only serves to extend the radius of your Wi-Fi outside of your house.
  • Turn the router off at night and when it is not in use such as during dinner or family time.
  • Keep your cell phone at least 3 feet away from you when you are not actively using it.
  • Don’t use Bluetooth or wireless devices when you can obtain wired versions instead. This includes headsets, keyboards, mouses, etc.

The most important thing that we recommend is that you distance yourself from wireless electronics, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, and your cell phone as much as possible. At night, plug your cell phone into a different room from the one that you are sleeping in.

How Can Structured Water Help Provide EMF Protection?

Structured water helps to block some of the radiation that occurs as a result of EMF exposure. By drinking structured water on a regular basis, we can help provide our bodies with the energy that they need to keep our cells operating at their highest capacity.

Structured water can help improve the speed of cellular regeneration, may have positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and can drastically improve sleep quality which allows our bodies to rest and recuperate better.

Combined, these incredible potential benefits are integral to helping our bodies mitigate the effects of prolonged EMF exposure.

Does Structured Water Exist Naturally?

Absolutely! Structured water exists in nature and can be found in streams, rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers. It is pure, clean water that has a unique hexagonal structure that allows it to be absorbed more easily by the cells in our body.

Structured water has been around for longer than people have been, and until the past few hundred years, people drank water directly from running streams and rivers.

While water filtration systems are beneficial in removing harmful parasites and pollution from our water supply, they, unfortunately, have the unintended side effect of destroying the natural hexagonal shape that water wishes to be in. In turn, this reduces its ability to hydrate and heal.

Structured Living Water in the Human Body

Our bodies are made of around 60% water, and our brains are made of 73% water, and this water is believed to be naturally structured.

This is because the water in our body is in constant motion. When we introduce unstructured water such as tap water or bottled water into our bodies, we are forcing our bodies to work harder in an effort to structure the new water.

This may cause us to expend more energy and temporarily reduces the amount of structured water that our cells are able to absorb for hydration. The majority of the unstructured water that is introduced to the body passes through quickly without being restructured – this is why you can sometimes feel thirsty immediately after drinking water.

Can Regular Water Become Structured?

Certain sources are capable of structuring ordinary water, even water that has previously passed through a filtration or chemical cleaning system. It is believed that water can be restructured by exposing the water to:

  • Storing it in bottles with certain crystals or gemstones
  • Exposing the water to natural heat and light energy – such as sunlight
  • Magnetizing the water through vortexing the water
  • Organic plants that have been grown in nutrient-rich soil

How Long Does Water Remain Structured?

There is no definitive time limit that water remains structured before it loses its hexagonal shape. It remains structured until something forces it to restructure itself.

This typically happens when the water is filtered, when it is “cleaned” through the use of chemicals, or polluted in some other way. Although these methods of providing potable drinking water do help to remove some things that we don’t want in our water, they also damage the molecular structure of the water.

This causes it to be less hydrating than it could be. By stripping the water of its nutrients and minerals and processing it with chemicals we are removing water’s ability to do the one things that it’s supposed to do – properly hydrate our cells and bodies.

How Somavedic Devices Help to Mitigate EMF Exposure

By utilizing the natural and holistic energy of precious and semi-precious stones, our Somavedic devices create a 100ft radius shield around them that penetrates through walls, floors, and ceilings that protect from EMF radiation, free radicals, and geopathic zones.

The silver-plated Somavedic Vedic not only eliminates all of these negative influences that can adversely impact your health, but it also structured water that is placed within 8 inches of it.

The Vedic helps to protect your body from negative outside influences while potentially healing your body from within by turning the water that you drink into pure, clean, super-hydrating structured water.

Don’t go another day without protecting yourself from the constant bombardment of EMF radiation! Take a look at the EMF-mitigating devices that we offer and take control of your health and well-being!

Structured Water

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